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Benefits of Ultrasound Therapy

Tips March 26, 2019

Ultrasound has several applications in medicine, from cleaning teeth to easing muscle aches. During the physical therapy process, ultrasound is an effective way of treating pain and speeding up healing. Here are some ways ultrasound therapy can benefit you.

  • Deep Heat - The vibrations produced by ultrasound therapy cause the affected muscles to vibrate, producing heat. This heat penetrates deeper into muscles than hot packs that only transmit heat to the surface. Different frequencies can penetrate to different depths, so the therapist can precisely target specific parts of your body.
  • Deep Stretch - Tense or strained muscles are soothed by ultrasound vibrations and the heat they produce. This helps ease muscle spasms and muscle shortening from injury. Ultrasound also increases the range of motion to help muscles regain their previous performance level.
  • Reduces Pain - Decreasing muscle tension and spasming results in less pain overall. Muscles often spasm when held in tension for extended periods; relaxing them helps relieve pain. Additional therapy and treatments become considerably easier, allowing for faster recovery.
  • Healing of Tissue - Ultrasound helps accelerate the rate at which muscles heal. It stimulates blood flow to the affected area, providing more nutrients. Metabolism of local cells is stimulated by the soundwaves, making them more receptive to receiving nutrients. The vibrations increase production of collagen (the main component of soft tissues like ligaments and tendons), helping those tissues heal faster.
  • Control of Scar Tissue - The vibrations from ultrasound reverberate in cells around the affected area. These “microvibrations” affect the fibres responsible for forming scar tissue, preventing scars. Ultrasound also helps break down some existing scar tissue, improving range of motion.
  • Soothes Inflammation - Ultrasound is known to reduce swelling and chronic inflammation, especially in case of injury to the muscles. Inflammation is a sign of muscle strain and tension, which are both painful and a potential cause of additional injury. To avoid that, ultrasound can be pulsed instead of transmitted repeatedly.

Ultrasound offers several possible methods of treatment when you’re being helped by physical therapy. In addition to soothing pain and muscle soreness, this kind of therapy also speeds the healing process.

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