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Many of us spend our days sitting at a desk or keyboard. It comes as no surprise that, eventually, we develop stiffness and pain in our backs. Our bodies become fatigued and often we’re not sitting properly for hours at a time. For pain relief and increased mobility, seek excellent massage therapy from Brampton Ortho Neuro Physiocare. We provide quality therapeutic services while keeping the mind/body connection at the forefront of our philosophy.

If untreated, shoulder pain or tightness in the trapezius muscle can develop into a chronic condition, resulting in poor posture and difficulty moving. Other muscles and tendons work to compensate for the tension and become pinched or knotted. Massage therapy will alleviate the discomfort and help your muscles relax so that you correct your posture and have better health overall.

Massage Therapy in Brampton

Massage therapy at Brampton Ortho Neuro Physiocare can help you relax mentally, as well. How often do you take 30-75 minutes to lie down, close your eyes, and have someone else attend to your aches and pains?

“Self care” is important for all of us, and treatment from a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) can improve your well-being. Whether you’re a recreational or professional athlete, do extreme physical labour at home or on the job, seek regular massage therapy in Brampton to guarantee you remain limber and able to perform.

We have licensed therapists to treat physical ailments, or simply help you relax. After discussing any current issues and your health history with one of our professional RMTs, you’ll dress down to your comfort level, lie under a sheet on the massage table, and unwind. After receiving a massage, you’ll feel calm and energized.

There’s no need to live with unwanted pain and stiffness; massage therapy at Brampton Orthoneuro Physiocare Clinic will start you on a path to overall wellness and health. Please call us today at (905) 454-4975 to ask questions and schedule your appointment.

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