Auto Accidents

If you’ve been in a recent car accident in Brampton or any of the surrounding areas, seek medical help immediately. Do not take any possible injury lightly. You may feel only minimal discomfort or slight pain at first, but these problems may get worse if left unchecked. Many people go undiagnosed for concussions after a motor vehicle accident. See your doctor to identify possible injuries and to get a requisition or referral for physiotherapy. Licensed therapists can start treating you before serious or chronic health issues develop.

Common injuries following a motor vehicle accident include:

  • Whiplash
  • Herniated discs
  • Broken bones
  • Head injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Muscular sprains, strains, and contusions
  • Tearing of ligaments or tendons
  • Dislocated disc

Seek immediate treatment for any injury suffered during a car accident. Brampton Ortho Neuro Physiocare offers a variety of treatment options (acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, and physiotherapy) to address orthopedic and neurological ailments. We understand that each patient has specific needs; we tailor our treatment plans to every individual to promote recovery.

Patients usually need physical therapy to heal underlying injuries after suffering a car accident. At Brampton Ortho Neuro Physiocare, we offer physical therapy to address your pain and help repair damaged tissue. We’re committed to helping you recover every step of the way, however long it takes.

Join our professional therapists in our fully equipped facility, designed to accommodate the diverse needs of each patient. Avoid the noise and hassle of curtained cubicles; consult with our therapists in the quiet and privacy of our consulting rooms. Take advantage of our clinic’s easy accessibility via public transport (by bus or train) or our ample parking near the clinic. Come when it is convenient for your schedule; our extended hours will allow you to make appointments when it works for you.

Part of the treatment is getting the care and support you need to help speed recovery. Our caring and friendly staff are ready and able to provide whatever assistance you need. Whether you need help with your treatment or your questions answered, feel free to ask. Get the information you need to help relieve anxiety and help you figure out what to do next.

If you’re suffering from injuries because of a car accident, our Brampton clinic has a team of experienced and licensed therapists readily available to assist you. We provide a customized approach to help every individual recover from physical trauma. Call us to arrange a consultation with one of our therapists (905) 454-4975. Get started on your recovery today.

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