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How Custom Orthotics Work

Tips February 20, 2018

If you have recurring issues with your feet or back, it may be time to think about custom orthotics. These devices fit into shoes, aligning feet to improve your gait and posture. A custom-made pair is measured to address your specific physical issues and provide relief. Some positive aspects of orthotics include:


How Custom Orthotics Work


1. Good fit

Different patients require different treatments, so orthotics must be made specifically to deal with a patient’s specific problems, based on the shape and alignment of their feet. When fitted correctly, orthotics will give your feet plenty of space within a pair of shoes and conform to the exact dimensions of the foot.

2. Arch support

Orthotics are meant to curve under the arch, often providing additional support. The insert keeps them aligned and allows the entire foot to absorb shock properly. It also takes strain off soft tissues so the right muscles are used at the right times.


How Custom Orthotics Work

3. Cushioning

Orthotics can also provide your feet with cushioning if you have high arches. In these cases, force is not distributed across your whole foot, causing stress to joints like the knees. Cushioning absorbs some of the force so that your weight can be spread out more evenly.


4. Rigidity

Orthotics need to stay rigid so they can keep feet in a position that distributes weight evenly. Unlike insoles in regular shoes, orthotics are firm so they can keep foot ligaments more stable. This allows the ligaments to remain in semi-rest and absorb shock properly.



How Custom Orthotics Work

5. Weight distribution

Sometimes, orthotics need to shift weight across the foot. The backs of orthotics gently cup the heels of feet and can be shifted slightly to let the weight rest on the centre of the heel. This is often necessary for someone with “flat feet,” a condition that can lead to misalignment of bones.

6. Podiatric relief

Specific issues (such as “cavus foot,” flat feet, or high arches) can misalign the foot structure. These problems can cause bunions or hammertoes. It is even possible to develop joint problems in the knees and back. Custom orthotics take these possibilities into account, aligning your foot to minimize any damage.


How Custom Orthotics Work


Custom orthotics do more than keep feet free from aches and pain. They can also improve your gait and posture, and provide pain relief to other parts of the body. If you want to know more about orthotics, contact Brampton Ortho Neuro Physiocare at (905) 454-4975 for professional care.