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Prevent Running Injuries

Tips May 30, 2017

Injuries caused by running include sprains, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, and “runner's knee” take a toll on the body. Using the tips below, take preventative measures against painful injuries that greatly reduce your performance. In the event that you are injured, seek physiotherapy and medical help immediately to prevent further damage.

Wear Proper Footwear

Prevent Running Injuries

Wearing correct shoes for running is one of the most important ways to prevent painful injuries. Not all running shoes are appropriate for each individual’s feet. Custom insoles can help. The structure of your foot and pronation (the degree to which a foot turns inward as you run) should be taken into consideration when purchasing shoes.

Running in uncomfortable or inappropriate shoes can lead to a host of consquences including ankle sprains, foot pain, and running at a lower speed.

Stay Flexible

Prevent Running Injuries

Properly stretching your muscles, especially hamstrings, will keep you flexible and improve speed and endurance. This will also prevent painful injuries. Stretching should follow a moderate warm up. All joints and extremities need to be properly stretched for at least a half a minute.

You may also want to incorporate dynamic exercises such as high-knee drills and cross body arm swings. These will help to loosen the joints and increase blood circulation. Preparing your body for activity is key to preventing injuries.

Water/ Diet

Prevent Running Injuries

Staying hydrated and fueling your body with proper nutrition will keep it strong and healthy. Sugary drinks and caffeinated beverages (such as soda often) lead to dehydration and a "crash" after a workout. Consider drinking pure water or, occasionally, sports drinks that replenish electrolytes. Eat a diet high in protein and complex carbs to keep muscles strong and supply them with glycogen.

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